What is the cost of using a free resume template? It can cost you a promotion, a new job, or a visa? 

Have you ever decided to buy the cheap version of something like clothing, a washing machine or a car? Only later to regret it because it costs you more in the long run when you need to replace it or repair it? We have all been there. So why would you try and cut corners when representing yourself? Using a free template that doesn’t best represent you means you may not get the job or the promotion. It could literally cost you an opportunity, a pay increase, or a new job!  

Unfortunately, most free templates don’t represent the job seekers’ skillset, ability, or knowledge. At Recruitable Hub have seen so many job applications from the same standard free templates. But the issue with these free templates is that often, the layout doesn’t allow the job seeker to clearly demonstrate why they are best for the job. The design is rudimentary and isn’t reflective of the candidate’s skills. It’s evident to any experienced hiring manager when the template is plain, underwhelming, and outdated. 

A good resume is designed to make you stand out from the crowd and land an interview. A good resume will be clearly laid out and structured, so the reader can quickly see why they should hire you. A good resume is lovely to look at and review and reflects the remarkable person applying.

We think you are worth a good resume! 

Get Recruitable.

Meg Salter
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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Linkedin: @meg-salter
Kate Bartlett
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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