Yesterday, I heard an incredible story about a woman who lied on her resume to land a job she wanted. She had no experience in the role, got the job anyway, and 20 years later, she is now running the global business she once started as a junior. It is not the first time I have heard stories like this. I knew someone years ago who confessed to me late one night that he had worked as an Accountant for years, with not so much as a day’s accounting experience or training. However, year after year, he kept getting promoted!

But hang on, just before you re-do your resume (on Recruitable Hub, of course), falsify your experience, and fake your qualifications. Let’s be clear. We are not recommending this as a way forward. But, it begs the question, when do you apply for a job, even if you don’t tick every box? If people can “Fake it until they Make it” in positions they aren’t qualified to do, then do you have to have experience in every area of the job spec?

Various pieces of research discussed over the years suggest that women are less likely to apply for jobs unless they are 100% qualified. Men are more likely to use but don’t get selected for as many interviews. Gender Insights Report: In short, men throw their hat in the ring more often and don’t get as many interviews as women but proportionally still get interviewed for roles they are not 100% qualified. The moral of the story is – You’ve got to be in it to win.

Anyone who has had to sort through hundreds of resumes can attest that nothing is more infuriating than someone with no relevant experience sending in their resume. It is a time-waster for all involved. So here is what we suggest you do,

Apply the 80/20 rule!

80% qualified, correct experience. made for the job
20% winging it/faking it until you make it/learning on the job

You will need to tailor your resume for each role and write your cover letter addressing your incredible talents and back yourself. In this candidate short market, you never know your luck.

Meg Salter
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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Kate Bartlett
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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