You have turned off Netflix, turned down social occasions, kissed the kids, and tucked them into bed. You have put on some background music and made a cup of tea. Finally, you have a quiet space to yourself. You turn on your laptop, ready to write your resume. You are good to go, and you’re in the mood, determined and driven……. You then spend the next hour looking through all your old files, desktop, and emails, looking for your old resume. You promptly give up! 

The key to any excellent report/article/presentation is research and preparation. Your resume is no different, it’s the presentation of your professional life. 

Follow our five easy steps to resume writing preparation and shave hours off the writing process.

  1. Find your old resume (preferably in a word document for easy cutting and pasting)
  2. Find out exactly when you started and finished various jobs, including your current role. 
  3. Gather any information you need from conferences, training, or relevant courses you have attended.
  4. If you want to name your referees on your resume, check with your referees if they are happy to be a referee. Ensure you have their contact details and ask them the best time and how to reach them.
  5. Have a copy of the advertisement/ job description for which you wish to apply. If you don’t have a double screen set up at home, consider printing a copy for easy reference throughout writing your resume.  

 Once you have collated all this information, you are ready to write your resume with the Recruitable Hub platform! Use our pre-written text and user guide throughout. With all the formatting done for you, the process is so straightforward. Enjoy! 



Meg Salter
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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Linkedin: @meg-salter
Kate Bartlett
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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