Applying for jobs can be nerve-wracking. Eagerly awaiting a response to an application can seem like a lifetime. You are constantly checking your phone and emails, day and night, waiting for an answer. Crossing fingers, you will get an interview. It’s like Tinder for job hunters!  When will you finally see a response in your inbox?  You open the email only to find it’s just a message “thank you for applying for the position” or “we thank you for the interest in our company.” The question is, how do you respond to such an email?

Whether you are responding to a recruiter or a hiring manager, it’s essential to respond with interest in this position email. In addition, you can express in this email how much you would like the job. Acknowledge the sender. Be friendly but professional.

  1. Thank them for taking the time to review your application and reiterate your interest in the job. 
  2. Be brief – everyone is busy.
  3. Maintain a positive tone.
  4. Respond quickly.

You might think this will is a waste of your time, but small efforts like this make a difference. Hiring Managers/Recruiters appreciate the effort and will remember you. All employees are looking for are reliable, punctual, and trustworthy candidates. This email will go a long way to proving you are all those things. 

Get Recruitable!

Meg Salter
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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Linkedin: @meg-salter
Kate Bartlett
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
[email protected]
Linkedin: @bartlettkate