1) Give your interviewers precise and detailed contact information in your Cover Letter or Resume so they can readily contact you. Use our online resume or cover letter writer.
2) When job looking, avoid having an overly humorous or extended greeting on your answering machine or voicemail system.
3) Make sure that everyone in your household understands the significance of phone messages in your job quest.
Know the position you’re interviewing for.
4) Make a practice phone interview with a friend to get a feel for being interviewed over the phone.
5) If you won’t be able to commit enough time to a phone interview, suggest an alternate time.
6) Use the Recruitable Hub job tracker to outline to remind yourself of important issues to discuss with the interviewer.
7) You don’t want to come out as scripted, but you also don’t want to forget critical details. For example, keep your resume in front of you to recall the highlights of your work history and achievements.
8) Make sure you can hear and are being heard clearly.
9) Consider putting on a beautiful outfit for the phone interview.
10) Although you won’t be able to see the interviewer, you will present a more professional impression.
11) Do not feel obligated to fill up the blanks. For example, if you’ve finished a response but the interviewer hasn’t yet asked the following question, don’t start babbling to fill in the blanks. Instead, ask your question about your previous response.
12) Finish strong with intelligent questions at the end of your phone interview.
13) Don’t chew gum, eat, or drink anything that makes a lot of noise.
14) Make sure you’re at a spot where you can read, take notes, and concentrate when being interviewed over the phone.

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